Take Steps This June

Walk any distance, when you want and where you want. Set your own targets, track your steps and unlock rewards!

Whether that’s swapping the school run for a stroll, laps of your garden or flights of your stairs, it all counts. You can take it on solo or form a team with friends and family. You can walk anytime during the month of June and watch your distance grow.

Sign up for free, choose to fundraise for Asthma UK or the British Lung Foundation and take steps to save lives today.

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1. Sign Up

Join now for free and Take Steps on your own or with your team. Choose if you’re fundraising for Asthma UK or the British Lung Foundation.

2. Track

Track your distance using Strava, Fitbit, or by adding your steps manually to reach your target.

3. Fundraise

Make your own donation to kickstart your fundraising, then share your page with friends and family. Join our Facebook group to keep up to date too.

4. Achieve

Unlock badges for your amazing achievements, including our brand-new Clean Air Action badges! See if you can make it to the Clean Air Champions wall of fame.

Take Steps towards cleaner air this June.

Together we can make an impact!

You shouldn’t be forced to breathe in dirty air, yet millions of us across the UK are surrounded by toxic air, damaging our health and worsening lung conditions.  

By cleaning up the air we could …

Prevent 36,000 people dying early every year

Cut annual hospital admissions by 20,000, reducing the burden on our NHS

Reduce asthma attacks and flare-ups

Complete our clean air actions alongside your walks to unlock our special Clean Air badges and be featured on the Clean Air Champions page!

Sign our petition, write to your MP, and swap a journey in the car for one on your feet.

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Plan your route with the Go Jauntly app!

Use Go Jauntly to find new walking routes right from your doorstep.  Their Green Routes specifically avoid busy roads, taking you through the best nature has to offer, UK-wide.

Simply choose a distance or time limit for your walk and Go Jauntly will do the rest! 

Download Go Jauntly today and start finding some stunning Take Steps routes near you!


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How do I take part?

Sign up for free and set up your personal fundraising page. Link your Strava or Fitbit to your page to track your distance automatically, or add your steps in manually. Go it alone or form a team with family, friends, or colleagues. Begin collecting your sponsorship - get things off to a flying start with donating to your own page first!

Find out more here.

Can I take part in Take Steps if I have a lung condition?

Yes of course! We’d love for you to join Take Steps. Being active can help you manage your condition. If you’re not comfortable going outside you can complete your Take Steps walks inside your house or around your garden if you would prefer.

You can always chat to our lovely Helpline teams too, if you have any questions about walking and your condition. Call the Asthma UK helpline on 0300 222 5800 or the British Lung Foundation helpline on 03000 030 555.

What’s the guidance for walking outside with Covid-19 restrictions?

Take Steps is designed so you can do the whole challenge virtually. You can form a virtual team so you can all contribute to your distance goal and fundraise together as well. And remember, from flights of stairs to laps of the garden – it all counts! You don’t have to take on a 10km hike to Take Steps.

Always check the latest Government guidance before organising your walks. The guidance is different from place to place and can change regularly. When taking part in Take Steps, please follow all Government guidance and social distancing rules. For the most up to date advice, please look at the Government website for your area: England | Wales | Scotland | Northern Ireland

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Take Steps Facebook share

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Take Steps Instagram share


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