Common questions

About the Great Virtual Brunch

What is the Great Virtual Brunch?

The Great Virtual Brunch is a brand-new fundraising campaign by Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation. The aim of the campaign is to organise a virtual brunch event, invite others to enjoy some food over a video call, and raise vital money to support people with lung conditions.

Why should I get involved?

By holding a GVB you’ll be helping to provide hope and support for people with lung conditions through Covid-19 and beyond. We know that the past year hasn’t been easy for anyone but this is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family or even colleagues over some delicious food, for a good cause.

How do I register and is there a registration fee?

It couldn't be easier to join us! You can register here and it’s totally free. There’s no minimum sponsorship, but £100 will get you a limited-edition coffee mug.

Where is my money going if I choose to fundraise for the British Lung Foundation?

By fundraising for the British Lung Foundation, you’ll allow our researchers to find new treatments and cures. You’ll enable us to campaign for better policies on lung health. And you’ll help people to get lifesaving advice from our support services. Our work is vital. During the Coronavirus pandemic, record numbers of people came to us for advice and support. Calls to our Helpline nurses tripled. Lung disease sufferers needed us more than ever, and we were a lifeline for them. We’re so proud to offer this service. But we can’t do it without fantastic fundraisers like you.

If you need advice, you can call the British Lung Foundation helpline on 03000 030 555.

Where is my money going if I choose to fundraise for Asthma UK?

We help hundreds of thousands of people with our expert advice and support. We fund world class asthma research. And we campaign to improve the quality of care received by people with asthma. But we need your support to keep funding this work.

We are currently working tirelessly to offer support and life-saving advice in light of COVID-19. Please help us to deliver the best service we can in these extraordinary circumstances.

If you need advice, call the Asthma UK helpline on 0300 222 5800 or WhatsApp our nurses on 07378 606728.

Setting up your event and fundraising

How do I get the date in people’s diaries?

Give people a week or two’s notice so they can clear their schedule and get some supplies in. Share your fundraising page and ask people to donate to secure their place at the table! We recommend charging £10-15 (about the standard you’d pay for brunch in a restaurant). Add the video link to your fundraising page, and send it round so your guests know how to join on the day.

How do I set up a video call?

Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams are all good options and are all free. You can either schedule your meeting and invite people in advance, or send round the invite on the day.

Here is more information on setting up a Google Meet and here is more information on setting up a Zoom meeting.

People can access your call through their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Should I prepare food for the event?

This is completely up to you. Whether you go all out with a Full English or you just grab a bowl of cereal, you’re still making a big difference to our work. It’s also all about catching up with friends, so don’t stress too much with the cooking if it’s not your thing. We also have some recipe suggestions if you’re struggling for inspiration.

You might ask guests to prepare their food before you call, or maybe you’ll do it all together and follow a recipe. You’re the host so you decide! Just let your guests know in advance what the plan is and if they need to stock up on any ingredients.

How do I fundraise through my event?

By inviting people to attend your Great Virtual Brunch, you’re asking them to make a donation to support our work. We recommend charging £10-15 (about the standard you’d pay for brunch in a restaurant). There are also plenty of ideas and resources to help you raise more money here.

How can I pay in money that has been donated to me in cash?

We can only accept donations made directly through your Great Virtual Brunch fundraising page. If you have been given a cash donation, we ask that you please make a card payment to your fundraising page for the value donated. You can then keep the cash yourself. Please enter card holder's details, rather than the person who gave you the donation.

Please note, do not claim gift aid on a donation if you are making the payment on behalf of someone else. This is even the case if they have told you they are happy for you to claim gift aid. Gift aid can only be claimed on a donation by the person making the donation.

Can I set up a Facebook fundraiser for my Great Virtual Brunch?

Facebook might prompt you to set up a Facebook fundraiser when you post to share your page, or even ask you to enable fundraising on that post.

We politely request that you do not set up a Facebook fundraiser as part of your Great Virtual Brunch fundraising. This is because we will not be able to track any fundraising made through Facebook fundraisers and will therefore not be able to recognise this in your overall fundraising total.

Who should I invite to my event?

This is completely your decision! The idea behind the Great Virtual Brunch is togetherness, so invite anyone that you’ve missed spending time with. Whether that’s your group of closest friends, your running club or support group, or your family spread all around the country. Remember though, the more people you invite, the more money you’ll raise to support people with lung conditions.


Who do I contact if I need help?

If you’re having trouble with your page, just send an email to: 

One of the friendly community team will be in touch as soon as possible!