Holding your event

Step 1

Set a date

Weekends are normally a safe bet, especially if you’re planning to have a drink or two! Remember, this is all about re-connecting with friends and making a difference to our work!

Step 2

Share your page

Spread the word on social media to get it in everyone's diary! Set a price for your guests and remember to let them know why you are fundraising for us. If it matters to you, it will matter to them too.

Step 3

Send round some recipe inspiration

It’s nice to give your guests some recipe ideas. Even if they’re a naff cook – they can always pretend it tastes good! Check out our recipe suggestions here.

Why not hold a bake off challenge and get the family involved? There’s nothing like some inter-household competition!

Step 4

Pick your video calling platform

We recommend using Google Meet, but Zoom and Microsoft Teams are also good. You can either schedule your meeting and invite people in advance, or send round the invite on the day.

Here is more information on setting up a Google Meet and here is more information on setting up a Zoom meeting.

On the day

Cooking up a storm

It’s a good idea to get everyone to prepare their brunch feast in advance and have their camera turned on when it’s time to begin.

Raising some extra dough

Your donations will make a huge difference to our work. Whether you add on a quiz (we’ve got one ready made for you), or even offer a prize for best brunch – there are lots of ways to add to the fun and the pounds!

Remember to let your guests know why you’re holding this. Every £100 raised can fund a day of vital research, bringing us closer to important breakthroughs for people with lung conditions, including asthma.

After your event

Give one final nudge to those who haven’t got round to donating. Share any screenshots you got during your event on social media and let everyone know they can still donate, even if they couldn’t make it to the brunch.

Other ways to support the Great Virtual Brunch

We know virtual meetings aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Here are some other ways to get creative in the kitchen and raise some dough for people with lung conditions:

1. Hold a face to face event with your household or support bubble.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner – give your household a proper dining experience and ask them to donate what they would normally have spent on the meal if they were at a restaurant.

2. Donate the cost of a brunch

We’ve not had the chance to eat out much lately, so donate the cost of brunch to make a vital difference to our work this year.


3. Join our cupcake decorating webinar

Our Easter themed cupcake decorating webinar will run on Wednesday 31st March. Tickets are £5 per household and it will be a fun activity for all the family.

Tickets coming soon

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