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I’m taking steps this June in memory of my dad, John Dilkes.

I have decided to take on the Take Steps challenge in June to raise funds in memory of my dad, John Dilkes. 

Dad passed away in December 2019 and in the later years of his life he suffered with COPD which progressively got worse until he needed extra oxygen just to do the most basic actions.

That's why I have chosen to fundraise for the British Lung Foundation, which campaigns for clean air and supports all those with lung conditions around the UK.

I am completing the challenge as part of a team with my 2 sisters and my brother. We have each chosen a  challenging step target for ourselves and in total we are aiming to take at least 1.8 million steps in the month of June!

My personal target is to aim for 600,000 steps in the month of June. This is the equivalent of around 240 miles.

Please support our challenge if you can by donating, sharing or joining Take Steps today!

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Thursday 1st Jul

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Thursday 17th Jun

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Wednesday 16th Jun

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Tuesday 15th Jun

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Monday 14th Jun

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Sunday 13th Jun

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Wednesday 9th Jun

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Tuesday 8th Jun

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Tuesday 8th Jun

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Tuesday 8th Jun

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Tuesday 8th Jun

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Tuesday 8th Jun

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Tuesday 8th Jun

Day 1 - 1st June

Tuesday 8th Jun

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Margaret Fairbrass

Well done Sam! x


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Proud of you Sam and family x


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You got this Hun


Samantha Dilkes



Well done x






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Well done Sam


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Max Shellabear

Good luck , make sure you do a lap of a football pitch though 😂


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