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I’m taking steps this June to make an impact!

Our health is being put at risk from air pollution every day.

By cleaning up the air we could…

  • Prevent 36,000 people from dying early every year.
  • Cut annual hospital admissions by 20,000, reducing the burden on our NHS.
  • Reduce asthma attacks and flare-ups.

I’m fundraising for Asthma UK, which supports all those with asthma around the UK, who are affected the worst by toxic air.

Support my challenge by donating or joining Take Steps today!

I have set a fundraising target of £320, to give £10 for each year I have had asthma. My asthma has been mostly well controlled since I was diagnosed around the age of 3/4. Unfortunately, since being poorly with a virus October 2020, my asthma has deteriorated. I am now diagnosed with severe eosinophilic/refractory asthma, I am on trial biological therapies and have recently been in hospital following a severe attack. I am grateful for the research and support that Asthma UK, however, following my time in hospital it highlighted how little in commonly known about severe asthma and action/treatment. 

I hope the money raised can further support this research and awareness 👍💜

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My Updates

Day 15

Tuesday 15th Jun
0.47 Miles in nearly 1hr... This is what happens when you take your sis out with you! Bragging that she knows CPR😉 Thanks for reminding me to breathe-the Tshirt helps😂💜 Lovely walk to the Brook, really peaceful. And yay half way there - 15 more days to go 👍👍💪💪

Day 14

Monday 14th Jun
0.3 miles done. New evening routine of dropping the boy off and having a stroll is really nice 💜 Also a good job as I've pretty much slept all day again! @asthmauk #TakeSteps21

Day 13

Sunday 13th Jun
0.28 miles! Got them in early with a lovely visit from the fam. Never too cool for a selfie with Aunty Fran, shame the dude was too injured... Sorry about my sons freakishly hard head🤕 Unusually I escaped unscathed! Now to relax in the shade!

Day 12

Saturday 12th Jun
0.1 miles 🙄 2 small walks - 1 doing the hoovering and 1 pottering in the garden. Hopefully I'll start to pick up the steps again next week, trying to listen to my body which is mostly telling me to sleep 😴 Glad to have had my biological injection yesterday but I forgot how it throws me for a few days after, much better than the alternative though! @asthmauk #TakeSteps21

Day 11

Friday 11th Jun
0.27 miles. Used my visit to hospital to get my steps in. Had my 5th biological treatment and saw the consultant. Gutted to find out that I have sleep apnea, so hello CPAP and goodbye driving. Hopefully see SLT shortly to check out these vocal cords. Slow and steady 💜 #TakeSteps21 @asthmauk

Day 10

Friday 11th Jun
0 miles completed today as I slept for most of it. Hopefully just the aftermath of a course of steroids and antibiotics. @asthmauk #TakeSteps21

Day 9

Wednesday 9th Jun
0.3 miles done. Decided to get out early and whilst I felt a bit stronger. Bonus if I can do more later @asthmauk #TakeSteps21

Day 8

Tuesday 8th Jun
0.32 miles done. Split over 2 walks. 1st around the garden at G&Gs, the 2nd my first time around lidl! Treated myself to a sandwich 😂 I love my grandparent's garden, lovely to actually take my time and appreciate the beautiful flowers 💐

Day 7

Monday 7th Jun
Eventually did over my daily target so made up a little for yesterday. Lovely to be out in our fab village for a stroll this evening and with lovely folk 💜 Also, #switchedajourney, normally would have driven home then driven back to collect then home. Instead we had a lovely walk 💜 @asthmauk #TakeSteps21

Day 6 ✅

Sunday 6th Jun
Day 6 asthma fatigue + steroids + antibiotics have caught up with me today, so a little 0.1 around the garden this evening while the boy plays. @Asthma UK #TakeSteps21

Day 5

Saturday 5th Jun
Lovely walk with my parents and the boy. He got to show off his new @asthmauk Tshirt! 💜💜💜

Day 4.. Done!

Friday 4th Jun
Yay target met for the day, plus got to see my rhubarb, mint, strawbs and raspberries working hard!! Also, just spotted that I've hit the £1000 mark argghh!!! Thank you all so much for your support, through sponsorship, kind words and encouragement and people wanting to find out more about asthma, big love 💜💜

Day 4

Friday 4th Jun
Day 4. Stuck in waiting for medequip delivery so went for a walk in the garden. 0.1 miles /5 circuits of the garden covered. Definitely need to break it down today not feeling 100%. Will try and do more later..... With my walking stick!!! 👩‍🦯

Day 3

Thursday 3rd Jun
Got it done early whilst the boy swims and it's a little bit cooler. The difference a high dose of steroids and antibiotics will do for my distance and pace. Quick neb in the car then home 👍👍👍

Day 2

Wednesday 2nd Jun
Yay met my target 0.30miles. Typical asthma day, my attack on Monday has come back to annoy me so quick visit for spirometry and walk to the pharmacy has got me to target today.... Now steroids and antibiotics for tea !! 💜

Day 1

Tuesday 1st Jun
First walk 0. 23 miles in 12 minutes. Pretty pleased with that, especially the day after an attack. Found out yesterday that we I have a new trigger.. Wood fires, so this summer is going to be fun! Right, now to rest and get some shade, have a great day!

Colouring sheet 3

Friday 21st May
Save - download - print colour in. I'd love to see them 💜💜x

Colouring sheet 2

Friday 21st May
Save - download - print and colour in. I'd love to see them 💜💜x

Ollie has made a decision....

Thursday 20th May
So the boss has spoken and told me to double my target. As the 6 year old is the boss, I have done as instructed.

Edit - that was smashed quickly, thank you. He's now suggested either £150 million or £1000. Let's start small(er) 💷😍

So please keep on sharing and donating and educating, because 6 year olds can be scary!! 

F x 💜💜


Wednesday 19th May
I'm lost for words, and not because of the whole asthma thing!

I am blown away by the kindness and support of all my friends, family and the community. 

I am so determined to do this walk and to continue to fight for clean air and more support and awareness for lung conditions ❤️❤️💜💜 

Thankyou, F x

Colouring sheets

Tuesday 18th May
Save and download and colour in. I'd love to see them 💜💜x


Tuesday 18th May
Oh. My. Goodness.

I know amazing people who are kindly supporting me through fundraising and sending messages of support.

I can't explain how much this means.

I haven't fundraised since I did a sponsored silence in Year 6, so it's all very new.

I am really looking forward to getting out for my 0.3 miles a day, hopefully I can do more, but I'm being realistic about my condition.

Thanks again ❤️❤️ F x


Thursday 13th May
So, I have set myself the target of walking 10 miles in June. Works out around 0.3 miles per day/536 metres. I'm hoping this will be my minimum covered but would be really pleased to achieve this.

So annoying how this blooming asthma has affected Mrs "10,000 steps a day" Elwell. So I'm taking each day and each step at a time, F x

Thank you to my Sponsors


Emiko Imai

Go for it love you xxxxx


Laura Cantwell


Lizzy Crane

Go Fran!!xxx



Wishing you all the best with your 10 mile challenge Fran, you’re amazing! ❤️❤️❤️


K & K

Good luck Fran, great cause. Get well soon. From K & K.




Jen And Pip

Well done Franny, sending love xx


Matilda Elwell

Good luck Fran, really proud of you xxx


Mavis Lloyd

Hi Fran, Such a worthy cause, wish you every success Love Mavis and Dave xxx


Margaret Bennett

So proud of you Fran - good luck :-))


Claire Green

All the best Fran! You can do it! Lots of love- The Greens


Mary Roberts

You are amazing


Ruth & Nick

Go sis go!!!


Shannon Wentworth


Lisa Ansell

Something very close to my heart, in memory of my mom and for you Fran 😘. Xx


Jess & Tom

Good luck lovely. Lots of love x


Ann Majeed

You’re a warrior Frankie All my love and kisses xxxxx


Carol Wootton

Well done Fran, and wishing you a speedy recovery.


Harpreet Nijjar

Keep it up!


Carolynn Hutcheson

Good luck for your walk Fran love from Carolynn Kevin & Aimee x


Peter Bennett

A great cause!


Marianne O'neill

Keep going Fran! Wonderful thing to do, you have our support x


Hannah Tranter

Go Fran! 💗


Jo Hobbs

Go Fran!!! :-)


Fran Elwell


Pam Corns


Emma Varty

Great work Fran - hope you’ve got a nice treat planned when you hit your goal!



Well done Fran


Alexandra Weaver

Well done Fran on raising so much money for a great cause. All the best for the walk, and we hope you are doing well. AAA & N xxx


Jennie Groves


Vanessa Maher-smith

Good luck!!


Andy Walling

Sorry to hear you’ve not been well. Good luck with your efforts. All the best.


Louise Bennett


Amy Barr

You are amazing Franbam and I wish you the very best of luck - keep us posted! x


Nikki Eadie

Best wishes Fran. You can do this 😀


Kathryn Elsby

Well done Fran, you got this! xx



Go Fran! Love The Lowes xxx


Rach, Elk & Beth

Good Luck Fran & wishing you well. X


Vicki Wootton


Emma Garland

Good luck Fran... you can do it!! Emma and gang xx



Such a fantastic cause, Good Luck Fran!!


Jade Sorrow


Michelle Owen

Good luck Fran! x


Peter Bennett

Well done, Fran, a great cause, glad to get you over the £1000 mark!!


Vicky Bratt

Go Fran, what a fab thing you are doing xx



Good luck with your walk best wishes Aunty Freda


The Needhams



Well done you!!! 😘😘😘 love to you and my favourite little dude!


Helen Whittaker

Good luck xx lots of love



Keep going lovely- you are doing great and raising money for a great cause xxx




Melanie Sellman

Good luck xx


Kate Cole

Well done Fran x


Charlotteaston Aston

Go girl superstar xxxx



This is a brilliant cause. Happy to donate and support Thank you Fran!


Hannah E

Go Fran!!!


Emily Aston

Go Fran! X