Natasha Davies

I'm taking action on air pollution this October!

In memory of my Grandmother Myra, I’m joining the 36k Clean Air Challenge this October to become a Clean Air Champion for my company.

Our health is being put at risk from air pollution every day with 36,000 people dying early every year but not enough is being done to change this. 

By cleaning up the air we could…

  • Prevent 36,000 people from dying early every year.
  • Cut annual hospital admissions by 20,000, reducing the burden on our NHS.
  • Reduce asthma attacks and flare-ups.

 I’m fundraising for the British Lung Foundation, which campaigns for clean air and supports all those with lung conditions around the UK, who are affected the worst by toxic air.

Support my challenge by donating or joining the 36K Clean Air Challenge today!

My Achievements

Raised £100

Raised £200

Raised £300

Raised £400

Raised £500

Sign a clean air petition

Email your MP and tell them we need stronger action on clean air

Sign up as a clean air campaigner

Sign up three more of your colleagues to the Clean Air Challenge

Work from home for a full week

Take public transport when you would normally drive

Walk or cycle to work

Set up a lunchtime walking club – clean air routes only!

Added the challenge to my clean air signature

Thank you to my Sponsors



Good Luck Tash - a very worthy cause 😪❤


Ashley Wilson

You've got this, your Gran will be supporting you all the way and so will we! Love Ash and Dan xx


Karen Jessop

Sending much love x


Smith Anna

Keep going Tasha. You’re almost there xx


The Saunders Xxx

Good luck, your grandma will be so proud of you. Just always remember those fab memories you have she was such a lovely person 💖x


Nikki Gallagher

Good luck Tash, well done xx


Tina Torrington

Lovely thing to do for a great charity. ❤️ Xx


Jo Clark

Aww this is such a lovely thing to do in honour of your lovely Gran. Good luck lovely xxx