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My target 50 mi

I’m taking steps this June to make an impact!

Our health is being put at risk from air pollution every day.

By cleaning up the air we could…

  • Prevent 36,000 people from dying early every year.
  • Cut annual hospital admissions by 20,000, reducing the burden on our NHS.
  • Reduce asthma attacks and flare-ups.

I’m fundraising for Asthma UK, which supports all those with asthma around the UK, who are affected the worst by toxic air.

Support my challenge by donating or joining Take Steps today!

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Mission Accomplished

Monday 28th Jun
With my morning stroll, I have reached (and surpassed) my target of 50miles- and on my birthday, too! Thank you so much to everyone who has sponsored me!

Day 16

Wednesday 16th Jun
Bit sore today, but managed two short walks

Rest day

Tuesday 15th Jun
I’ve a bit of a hypermobility flare at the moment, so it’s time to try and rest and look after myself so I can get back to the Challenge tomorrow 💪

Day 11

Friday 11th Jun
Spotted some geese with their gosling while I was walking today

Day 6

Sunday 6th Jun
2.6 miles in local park

Local air pollution

Friday 4th Jun
For the last 2 years I’ve lived in an area with more air pollution- beside a dual carriageway, an airport, and a train line. And I have noticed the impact this increased air pollution has had on my asthma. I am now on a stronger Preventer inhaler and also find myself needing my Reliever inhaler much more often. I am so pleased that the money we raise through this challenge will go towards lobbying the government to lower air pollution 💚

Coastal walk means ice cream!

Wednesday 2nd Jun

Day 1 done

Tuesday 1st Jun
Off to a good start with 3.6miles done on day 1.

I am asthmatic

Saturday 29th May
Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with asthma at three years of age. Sadly, throughout my life I have not encountered many people who have taken asthma seriously.

I am participating in the Take Steps Challenge this June to raise awareness both for the impact of asthma, and for the work of Asthma UK and British Lung Foundation to reduce air pollution levels in the UK.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Trevor Williams

Well done Sarah, from one asthmatic to another.


Elaine Van Der Meer

Go Sarah! Great work 🥰


Tom Williams

So proud of you 💖


Kathy Cardwell

Go you!


Nigel Cardwell


Joyce Williams

Keep up the good work Sarah



You got this!


Scott Edgar


Emma Bainbridge

Awesome keep treking my dude!


Sarah Williams


Tom Williams